Alice In Wonderland

Where you want to get to?

Quote: “Information is the difference between your present and your future!” – Dr. Mike Murdock

So where are you and your team headed this year?  It’s a good question you must answer if you are going to get there.  Consider the following excerpt from Alice in Wonderland:

Would you tell me please which way I ought to walk from here,” said Alice.

Well that depends a great deal on where you want to get to,” said Cheshire Cat.

I don’t much care where,” said Alice.

Then it doesn’t matter which way you walk,” said Cheshire Cat.

As leaders guiding our teams, we must know what we are trying to achieve or accomplish before we ask the question of how to accomplish it.  Once we have answered the question of what, the answer of how can be determined.  Otherwise, the advice of Cheshire Cat rings true; it doesn’t really matter what you do to get where you are going because any direction will get you there.   After you have spent appropriate time strategically planning your goals for each year, you will be well equipped to complete the tactical plans for achieving each goal, fully understanding that the purpose of nuts and bolts planning is simply to produce the results you desire.  Time spent planning today is not time wasted, it is time invested in your future.  To get closer to the future waiting for you, follow the command found in Habakkuk 2:2, “Write the vision and make it plain upon tablets, that he may run who reads it.”  Without the vision written down, it will be extremely difficult for you or your team to see it accomplished. 

Again, I ask the question, what do you want to accomplish this year?  More specifically, what has God put in your heart to accomplish this year?  In prayerful meditation, ask God to reveal His plans for you in each area of life.  Jeremiah 29:11 states, “For I know the plans that I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  With a spirit of commitment and excellence, diligently invest time planning for the future God has in mind for you and boldly pursue the plan believing in Him to deliver the results!

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Have a blessed “Make It Happen” day!

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