Sabbatical, Sabbatical,

Why does it seem, so completely radical?

Three days of time, alone with God,

Am I really afraid, of His gentle nod?

To meet with Him, face to face,

How truly amazing, is His unmerited grace?

He is my Father, I am His child,

Would He dare leave me, alone in the wild?

In His presence, I have nothing to fear,

Can I hear His whisper, calling me near?

Questions, Questions, fill my mind,

My Father’s answers, will I seek and find?

Sabbatical Poem Copyright 2017, Gary J. Borgstede.  You have permission to reprint the poem, Sabbatical Poem, in its entirety only, and forward to your colleagues and friends, provided the copyright notice remains part of the reprint and transmission.  All other rights reserved.