The Make It Happen Learning Institute – Reaching People, Unleashing The Extraordinary! ®

If you are an executive leader with a desire to make it happen in the marketplace for the glory of God and the benefit of others, The Make It Happen Learning Institute can consult with you and your leadership team on a practical four step strategy designed to encourage, engage, equip, and empower you and your leadership team to build the kingdom of God in the marketplace through your organization.

Practical Four Step Strategy Includes:

Step 1:     Culture Development – The Process for Defining Vision, Mission, and Values

  1. The Make It Happen Journey Leadership Series Workshop
  2. The Make It Happen Factor Team Culture Survey
  3. Employee Engagement Action Planning
  4. Enterprise Communication

Step 2:     Competency Development – The Process for Strategic Planning and Professional Development

  1. Strategic Planning and Goal Setting
  2. Employee Professional Development and Performance Reviews
  3. The Make It Happen Leadership Development College
  4. Personal and Professional Leadership Coaching

Step 3:     Chemistry Development – The Process for Creating Teamwork, Mutual Understanding, and Respect

  1. Employee Personality DISC Testing, Strengths Finder, and EQ Assessments
  2. Employee Communication and Feedback
  3. Employee Rewards, Recognition, and Celebration
  4. Employee Recruitment and Onboarding

Step 4:     Character Development – The Process for Winning in All Areas of Life and Business

  1. Life Planning and Enrichment
  2. Daily Consecration of Mind, Will, and Emotions
  3. Systematic Energy Renewal for Optimum Personal Health
  4. Leadership Sustainability in Ethics, Principles, and Practices

To learn more about the consulting program of The Make It Happen Learning Institute, please directly contact Gary Borgstede, a Coachwell certified Executive Coach, via e-mail at or via phone at 1-985-302-0858.

Thank you and have a blessed “Make It Happen” week!

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