Quote: “Life doesn’t reward what you know; it rewards what you do with what you know!” – Dave Anderson

In June 2010 I formed a cycling team to participate in Race Across America, the world’s toughest bicycle race – 3,005 miles from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland. Our team’s mission was to finish well and support the fight against childhood obesity through corporate sponsorships. As you might imagine, this extreme ultra-endurance cycling event was no easy challenge. With one rider on the road at all times, we rode non-stop day and night across 14 states, through the mountains of Colorado and West Virginia, the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico, the wheat and cornfields of Kansas and Missouri, and the large and small cities of America.

To successfully complete the journey, we were given an all-encompassing route book that charted our course to 54 officially designated time stations from start to finish. Included in the route book were maps with elevation profiles to each successive time station and directions noted at precisely accurate mileage markers on the odometer. It was remarkable how well the directions in the route book accurately directed us to turn left or right at just the precise odometer readings. Consequently, without the route book, our 8-person team and 6 crew members would have not known when and where to turn on the route nor would we have ever made it to the finish line in 6 days, 14 hours, and 55 minutes as the 5th place team in our division.

As a rookie team, one of our biggest concerns was how we were going to find our way and arrive at each time station without getting lost. With the race over and gaining the first-hand knowledge and experience of a RAAM team finisher, our team can attest to the supreme accuracy of the route book that we were given by race officials and would definitely assert that the path would be painstakingly difficult to follow at best without the help of the route book. 

Do you know that a business team needs a supremely accurate route book as well to help chart their course and successfully achieve their business mission in the marketplace? In the same way that I can attest first hand to the supreme accuracy of the Race Across America route book as a certified RAAM team finisher, I can also attest first hand to the Supreme accuracy of the Word of God in helping business leaders to successfully achieve their business missions as a business leader who loves the Lord and has personally built many teams on the “can do” principles of the Word of God.  Psalms 119:105 states, “Your word [the Bible] is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path”; therefore, we can trust that the Bible will provide supremely accurate directions for every aspect of our lives including our businesses.

On the other hand, a business team that tries to achieve its business mission without the precise and accurate directions found in the Word of God is like a RAAM team trying to complete the Race Across America without the precise and accurate directions found in the RAAM route book…painstakingly difficult indeed.  Proverbs 14:12 states, “There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death” and Proverbs 16:9 states, “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” As business leaders with a spirit of wisdom and excellence, let us diligently seek the way of the Lord found in His Word and follow His path as we trust Him to direct our steps in business and lead us on a tremendously rewarding faith journey in the marketplace!

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