Almighty God, The Loving Father

In You Only Will I Trust

Thank You Jesus

For Creating Me

From Nothing But The Dust

Almighty God, The Worthy Lamb

I Was Blind And Could Not See

Thank You Jesus

For Dying On The Cross

And Setting Me Completely Free

Almighty God, The Merciful King

There Is No Other Holy Name

Thank You Jesus

For Your Precious Blood

That Covers All Of My Shame

Almighty God, The Reigning Lord

Your Spoken Word Is The Breath Of Life

Thank You Jesus

For The Special Gift

Of My Loving And Graceful Wife

Almighty God, The Abundant Provider

Your Tender Mercies Endure Through The Night

Thank You Jesus

For Each of My Children

Your Blessing And My Heart’s Delight

Almighty God, The Righteous Judge

Your Majesty Reaches To The Heaven

Thank You Jesus

For My Church Family

And All Of My Spiritual Brethren

 Almighty God, The Great Physician

You Know Every Hair On My Head

Thank You Jesus

For Purpose And Destiny

That Uplifts My Spirit From The Dead

 Almighty God, The Living Deliverer

You Are Always So Very Near

Thank You Jesus

For Rescuing Me

 From All Of My Mental Fear

Almighty God, The Holy Redeemer

You Are My Savior, This I Know

Thank You Jesus

For Washing Away My Sin

And Making It As White As Snow

Almighty God, The Solid Rock

Your Glory Shines For All The Days

Thank You Jesus

For Your Holy Spirit

To Walk In All Of Your Ways

Almighty God, The Good Shepherd

You Lead Me Each Morning Dawn

Thank You Jesus

For The City of New Orleans

The Place Where I Was Born

Saying Thank You Jesus

Just Doesn’t Seem Like Enough

To The Holy One Who Gives So Much

So I Give You Thanks Lord

With All Of My Heart

As It Daily Beats For Your Unfailing Touch!

 All Glory, Praise, and Honor Be To You Jesus!

Forever and Ever, Amen!

Heart of Thanks Poem Copyright 2009, Gary J. Borgstede.  You have permission to reprint the Heart of Thanks Poem Poem, in its entirety only, and forward to your colleagues and friends, provided the copyright notice remains part of the reprint and transmission.  All other rights reserved.