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Quote:  “Adversity introduces a man to himself!” – President George W. Bush

With such adversity present in the days, weeks, and even years after 9/11, our then Commander-in-Chief, President George W. Bush, had to dig deep to find the moral courage and character to do the right thing for our great nation under the attack of terrorism.  Whether it is the threat of terrorism, the natural disaster of a major hurricane, a devastating earthquake, or a more personal adversity, the fact remains the same; adversity grabs your attention.  I have to think that no one in their right mind likes to be introduced to themselves by the way of adversity; however, many times it is living through the experience of adversity that can actually help someone become a better person in the end.

I once heard Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup books, teach that E+R=O defining E as Events in life [occurrences, incidents, experiences], R as Responses to events [free will to choose different directions], and O as Outcomes to events [results, consequences, conclusions].  So think about how powerful that equation can be.  It suggests that once an event, occurrence, incident, experience happens in someone’s life, a person exercising free will may choose a direction that can ultimately determine the outcome, result, consequence, conclusion.

Although I understand this equation, I can also personally appreciate that if you have ever experienced any kind of serious trial in your life, you probably know all too well the power it has to potentially challenge you through anxiety, fear, and despair.  But in the midst of it, know this much – you are not alone and seeking a lighthouse of wise, trustworthy counsel can be tremendously helpful.

Discovering oneself in the midst of trial and tribulation can certainly be a tough challenging ordeal; however, it can also be an opportunity for people to demonstrate in their response the real personal character that they possess or perhaps develop a deeper personal character that they don’t possess by recognizing a real need to change.  Simply put, the E+R=O equation, theorizes that when people respond to adversity in a positive way, positive life outcomes can result.  Don’t just contemplate the theory.  Try it out the next time you have a difficult life experience by responding in a positive manner, inspired by faith, hope, and love.

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