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49ers' Super Bowl Trophy

Quote: “It is not enough to have a dream. You must also have a dream team!” – John Maxwell

Recently I had the privilege of hearing the great NFL Quarterback Hall of Famer, Joe Montana, speak at an international health and fitness conference in San Francisco.  He said that many people think there is no “I” in team – which is true; however, he also emphasized that many people fail to see that there is also a “me” component in team.  He then further explained that a team wins championships when each team member fulfills their personal responsibility to become the best that he or she can be for the team – fully developing their individual strengths and talents – just like Jerry Rice did from the first moment he joined the San Francisco 49er team.  For example, whenever Jerry Rice would catch a pass in practice, he would turn and immediately run for the end zone, no matter what, as if he was playing in the Super Bowl.  After doing this every time, Joe Montana asked him one day why he was always running for the end zone and making practice longer than it needed to be.  Jerry Rice simply commented, “Aren’t we practicing to make touchdowns?”

After that, not only did Jerry Rice continue practicing every day to make touchdowns, but all of the other wide receivers began to do the same thing.  As a result, on game day when one of the receivers would catch the ball, it was their disciplined habit to run for the end zone along with their team mates running down the field.  Often one of them would be in position to make a touchdown-scoring block for the receiver with the ball. Such personal commitment from each team member to practice with excellence each and every day was one of the primary reasons that the San Francisco 49ers scored so many touchdowns and won five Super Bowl Championships as an unprecedented professional NFL dream team.

Did you know that a dream, just like a team, has no “I” in it either, especially when it is a God dream?  However, all God dreams most definitely have a “me” component as they are not designed to be accomplished without Him.  John 15:5 states “I [Jesus] am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.”  Because God must personally prepare and qualify each of us individually for the dream He has put on our heart to accomplish with Him, we must daily submit ourselves to His practice field of character development necessary for becoming all that He created us to be.  Plus, no God dream can be accomplished alone, so we must carefully discern the divine relationships established by the Lord for His kingdom dream teams.

The Lord Himself modeled this when He developed His own God-appointed dream team as stated in Mark 6:7, “And He [Jesus] called the twelve to Himself, and began to send them out two by two, and gave them power over unclean spirits.”  It is clear from the team model established by the Lord that a God dream cannot be accomplished without Him nor can it be accomplished without others.  Therefore, with a spirit of wisdom and excellence, trust the Lord to prepare you individually to accomplish the God dream He has put on your heart and fully equip you as a God-appointed member of a mighty kingdom dream team!

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