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Quote:  “God uses people who fail because there are no other kind around!” – An old saying quoted by John Maxwell

In the movie Top Gun, Maverick, in his pursuit of the elite Top Gun status suffered the terrible loss of his co-pilot and best friend, Goose, while engaged in an aggressive combat training exercise.  With pride and arrogance driving him to shoot down the enemy, he pushed the limits and encountered the backwash turbulence of a heated dogfight.  Maverick lost control of his jet causing he and Goose to eject from the spiraling out-of-control plane.  Sadly, Goose was killed upon the ejection.  Because Maverick was the pilot navigating the plane, he felt the sting of personal failure in his leadership ability to make better decisions in the heat of battle.  The experience significantly challenged him as a person, fighter pilot, and leader, almost causing him to quit and give up on graduating among the “best of the best” at Top Gun Naval Fighter Pilot School.

Isn’t it something how failure has such a powerful way of humbling the best of the best and teaching the proud in heart the painful life lesson found in Bible Proverbs – “pride comes before a fall?”  However, with God’s grace and mercy, it is comforting to know that failure is not fatal and pride is defeated with humility.  Henry Ford stated that “failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.”  It’s evident that Mr. Ford discovered through his own failures that great leaders are compelled to learn from their failure, receive the discipline it offers, and try again with more wisdom and humility.

With the encouragement, advice, and support of his commanding officer, highly decorated and experienced in warfare, Maverick answered the call to get back in the cockpit and return to battle.  But this time, in the midst of dangerous combat, his disciplined learning empowered him to remain in strategic position patiently waiting for the opportune moment to successfully defeat the enemy and experience the thrill of team victory.  The lesson we can take away from Maverick’s story is that although failure stings, we should never let it steal our victory, future, and hope.  Instead, we must learn from our failures with a spirit of wisdom and get back up with a spirit of humility so that our greatest failures can actually become the catalyst for our greatest victories!

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