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Encouragement = O2 to the Soul

Quote: “Encouragement is oxygen to the soul!” – Jessie Duplantis

Did you ever think that encouragement could actually provide a source of oxygen for someone’s soul?  The reality of this spiritual law is extremely powerful in the emotional development and healthy well-being of others.  Just a few simple encouraging words to someone at the right time can change desperation into inspiration that produces life for the moment and hope for the future. 

Good morning Timothy!  I really like the tie you’re wearing today!  By the way, you did an awesome job with your presentation yesterday!  Thank you so much for the diligent, thoughtful effort you put into it.  Your recommendations are going to help us do some great things for our customers!”  It’s only 50 words and 14 seconds of time, but how much do you think those words of encouragement and recognition are worth to Timothy?  It’s difficult to say; however, if you were Timothy, you would probably have a much better day than if you received no greeting at all and your diligent efforts had gone unnoticed. 

Now if encouragement is oxygen to the soul, then it is reasonable to believe that discouragement is carbon monoxide to the soul.  Therefore, as encouraging words build people up and provide a source of hope, the opposite is true of discouraging words – they tear people down and provide a source of hopelessness.  What happens when someone takes in too much carbon monoxide?  In the physical realm, they can become extremely ill.  The same is true in the spiritual realm when people are only recognized in a negative light and discouraging words are spoken as a curse over their lives. 

With a spirit of generosity, become a lighthouse of encouragement to people that showers words of abundant blessing and encouragement upon them.  As we develop a daily habit of encouraging others, we will be pleasantly surprised that it also produces abundant blessing in our lives as the law of sowing and reaping multiplies and returns encouragement back to us.  And at the end of the day, remember, each new day is a gift from God to start afresh in the abundance of His mercy!

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Have a blessed “Make It Happen” day!

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